Suggest On pictures the pillow, soap, a hairbrush, a plate, paints, a ball, a blanket, a bast, a hairbrush, a fork, a brush, the game Lego can be represented, for example.

The excess word.

Suggest the child to listen to a rhyme and to tell, what word superfluous.

We play with words, We choose the word Tiger, the plane and an elephant Go out from a circle!

We play with words, We choose the word The engine, the car, long loaf Go out from a circle!

We play with words, We choose the word Paints, brushes, phone Go out from a circle!

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On the same

On the same For example: From school called home to learn, whether Jennifer is sick, as it did not come to school.

On the same day mother Jennifer asked it: Well as today at school?

We regard it as a trap.

We do not recommend to you to do so partly because it all the same what specially to achieve lie from Jennifer and by that to give it opportunity to practise in it.

And, moreover also because in use of a similar question there are same elements frauds, as in the lie.

Simple ascertaining in combination with The Yastatement will be more effective: Today the director to learn why you were not at school called.

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Since then

Since then Nastenka cried, running in kitchen.

I very much want to grow and ride from a hill together with all!

She took a spoon and ate soup.

Since then Nastenka well ate every day.

Vskokre she grew up and even became above girlfriends!

About Katyushina Kaprizka Olga Bykova In one city once upon a time there was a Girl.

Little such Girl, with a snubnosed nose, radiant eyes and toknenky braids.

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The unconscious creator, this forgotten being, an okazyva it etsyatsya erased from human memory, and the child, which comes to welcome us at the age of three years, it appears the person whom we cannot understand.

Connecting us with it bonds are cut off by the nature.

That is why there is such big danger of that the adult will destroy that by hundred rummages to make the nature.

Therefore we have to remember that in this first part of the life the child entirely depends on us.

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Fire gives

Fire gives At everyone the distance of a touch will be unique.

Let the adult will take a candle, and with it gradually leaves in a distance of the room, a corridor.

A candle, leaving, will throw light.

The secret the first light can help and from far away whereas for transfer of human heat it is necessary to be near.

Secret the second fire warming, it burning.

Fire gives pleasure of proximity, but it also punishes for disobedience.

When at this moment the flame of a candle lives near you, these words lose an edification skuchnost, and you are ready to listen and trust.

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Repetitions The name communicates with concrete thing.

nd step: The teacher says the name of a subject, the child has to specify the corresponding subject and give it to the teacher, to put it on a table or to carry back into place.

Because of frequent change of instructions the child gradually studies quickly to bring an order, without losing interest in this occupation.

Repetitions have to be numerous, interesting to the child and considering his strong aspiration to the movement.

rd step: The teacher specifies regarding and asks the child to call it.

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Most of people

Most of people Thanks to inability to distinguish real subjects from the phenomena of an inner world, temperature of martyshkiny greetings excites the child really: Hi?

And it hot or cooled down?

And what it, big or small?


The subject in soul of the child is animated, and his word, its feeling opredmechivatsya sacredly.

Here all is equal because confirms a rastvorennost of the little person in this world.

Most of people store treasures in chests, I on a podarkovy shelf.

This mysterious space for eyes of the uninitiated.

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